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Earth Day

It's Earth Day, although this is not marked in my calender.

Of course, we should give some thought to the place we live every day, not just on one designated date, but perhaps it helps prod people into awareness just a little bit. Maybe starting with the entire earth is too much as well – so start closer to your home. For example, with your neighborhood. Do you know your neighborhood? I mean, beyond the immediate walkway to your front door?

Walking is a great way to get to know an area. And nothing else comes close as a mode for exploring a city. Walking through a city gives you a better appreciation for the spaces, the streets, the layout of neighborhoods and the feel of life there. It's also the best way to learn to navigate within the city, to really get to know it.

Walk, observe, see the architecture and hear its language. Spring in DC is perfect for this because there are so many flowers, bushes and trees in bloom, giving the streets a livelier look and creating palettes of beauty in concert but also in lovely contrast with the buildings. You can find surprises if you just look.

And now there are more people out in the streets as well, offering endless material for observation. Like the teenage girl on the National Mall, dressed in goth-black complete with heavy chain swinging from her hips – and perched on her head a black kitty hat, with little cute ears and kitty eyes, very Japanime. Or the smallish, slender guy with good shoulders in T-shirt, jeans, and sunglasses walking on New Hampshire, who looks eternally young until you approach him and his weathered skin belies the illusion. He's young-old old-young and never ageing. 

Lots to see in the city on foot. Try it some time. Just leave the car and walk.


One Response

  1. “earth day” makes the reader start wanting to return to read more
    and i can see where electronic relationships might begin
    very poetic
    if one only resides temporarily in DC—the walks r exatly as u describe
    but i think the permanent residents just can’t really feel and touch the district with its many blossoms and academic institutions
    and of course, there is all that power out there to inspire and desire

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