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Update to Sunday Reading

While writing Sunday's entry I had a second article in mind that I had read only recently in The New Yorker, which dealt with the same topic and more specifically the internal legal and bureaucratic fight over the Torture memo that allows the treatment of detainees as described by the Post article.

The New Yorker article, called The Memo, is a very illuminating piece by Jane Mayer in the February 27 issue of the magazine. It is both reassuring and unsettling because the article shows that there are good people in government who are courageous and idealistic enough to speak up against such horrible abuses, who stand by their convictions in a good way. But it also shows that there aren't enough of them to prevail right now, or perhaps that a small group of unscrupulous people has been able to hijack the process and throw out American ideals and principles. 

There should be more people like Mr. Mora. The original memo that he wrote is available here as a PDF.  Read it and think about what it means.


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