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What the Computer Ate

Just a quick note to finish up the thoughts in my TV philosophy post, now that I've gotten over the loss (twice!) of my earlier musings, which were swallowed repeatedly by the Net or cyberspace or server error. Naturally, by thus becoming irretrievably lost, those writings have instantly become brilliantly formulated and beautifully written and are guaranteed to never be matched by me again. And don't you just hate when that happens? With great technological tools come great technological headaches and lovely unexpected glitches.

Back to Battlestar Galactica: It's a great show. Yes, it's fiction and science fiction to boot. Yes, the characters are not real – except that they are rendered in such a way, with flaws and foibles, strengths and soft spots and all the variations on a character theme that to the engaged viewer they do become real. The show grapples admirably with difficult issues that have relevance to our lives now, both on personal and public levels. Under what circumstances is it acceptable to break principles? What is the relationship between the personal and the political? How far can we bend or break the rule before we loose something important of ourselves?

These are questions that need to be asked and explored. And Battlestar Galactica gives us a forum to do so. So here's to one of the few good shows on TV, and something I really enjoy. Can't wait 'til season three.


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