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Sunnier thoughts

Now that my classes are pretty much over (at least for the summer), I'm looking forward to some free time for catching up with all the stuff I like to do but can't quite keep up with when balancing the job, school, laundry and all those other things life fills up with rather quickly.

Anyway, with the weather being warmer and sunnier now, I anticipate more time outdoors, which means I'll get more chances to spot animals doing their thing. I love watching animals, especially those random glimpses you catch of their lives when you're just walking along and suddenly there's a squirrel slowly lowering itself to drink from the tiny pool/fountain by that office building on Mass Ave, the one with the hot dog stand in front. 

Because I live in a city with trees, I get to see a lot of squirrels. I like watching them, probably because they are of the rodent family and they always look like they've had one latte too many. I once happened upon a piece of park where a whole squadron of squirrels were evenly spaced across the grass, each one busy digging up the stuff they had buried a few months before. A priceless view.

I'm excited to hear that the area is now also home to coyotes and I hope I may be able to catch a glimpse of one soon, although they are naturally shy and afraid of humans and so my chances are small. Of course, when we start feeding them by leaving trash around, they eventually loose their fear and then we have trouble. So, we need to work out a way for both species to live with each other.

I think I like animals so much because they are not us, they are other and it is good to be reminded that there are other living creatures out there besides us. That life can take other forms and go in other directions and be successful almost everywhere in so many different and astounding ways. That's beautiful.

So, I'm looking forward to going to the zoo more again, what with the warmer weather. Where else can I see capybaras, after all?  


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