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Amidst the stacks

I have a subscription to The New Yorker. Yes, the fiction is often too weird for words and the write-your-own-caption cartoon contest in the back is hit or miss a lot of the time, but I like the variety of topics covered (where else would I find myself reading about ballet shoes and actually be interested despite myself?) and then there are Anthony Lane's movie reviews.

During my first subscription phase I approached each issue in a cover-to-cover spirit, meaning I actually tried to read every article, allowing a skip only in cases of extreme boredom. Naturally, this quickly drove me to dislike the magazine as I fell further and further behind and the issues began to tower mercilessly throughout my apartment. Nevertheless, I clung to my method, stubbornly insisting to read each and every issue and to do so in the correct order.

Yes, I have a Germanic background, why do you ask?

Eventually however, I had to concede defeat and let my subscription run out without renewing it. And while I now had peace of mind and more time to read actual books, I also began missing the New Yorker and it's articles. Not to mention to quirky cartoons.

And so, here I am again – a subscriber once more. I have learned to loosen my grip a tad and no longer force myself to read every single article. I am now allowed to skip those that do not capture my interest within the first few sentences (or in some cases with the title). I can flip at will through the pages and have my fancy tickled without feeling forced to read it all.

And yet, I am once again facing a pile of issues on my floor. So this week, I'm catching up on my New Yorkers. See you on the other side…


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