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Music in the Park

One of the great perks of living in a larger city with lots of green spaces is the events, many of them free, on offer there during the summer. My particular favorite is the annual Screen on the Green because I love movies and the outdoor screenings remind me of the ones I used to go to in the Berlin Waldbuehne. Plus, there’s just something fantastic about watching a classic movie with the Capitol in full view behind the screen. I highly recommend it.

Last night I was introduced to another great outdoor event on offer in DC: Fort Reno summer concerts. They’re free (although donations are heartily welcomed to keep things going) and fun and while the bands play you can watch the sun go down, the insects close in, and children chase Frisbees through the crowd. And if you’re really lucky, a massive black-and-white St. Bernhard-type dog will sprawl near you and provide additional entertainment.

We had come semi-prepared last night, by which I mean that while we had the foresight to bring sandwiches and even cilantro-rubbed corn on the cob, we entirely neglected to bring a blanket or any other items useful for outdoor lounging such as, oh, insect repellent. Never mind though, we came to see Gist, a DC band my boyfriend has been following for years, and neither damp grass nor a few insects, nor the fact that Sonic Youth were playing the same night, would deter us. Plus, it helped that the ice cream truck was parked right behind us.

Now, I am a music moron in the sense that while I thoroughly enjoy most music, I am clueless about what’s hot and what’s not. In terms of being familiar with the newest and hottest bands/musicians, or with any musical artists really, I am only slightly ahead of your average, non-hip grandmother. If I have heard of it then you can rest assured that this musical act has hit the mainstream and probably did so about two years ago.

Um, where was I going with this? Oh, Gist in concert at Fort Reno, yes. Well, it was the first time I’d ever heard of them but then I am now dating a guy who loves the local music scene and presumably I will be picking up one or two things along the way. Anyway, I enjoyed the band (the opening bands weren’t bad either but even I could tell immediately that Gist has been playing together for quite a while and they know what they’re doing), and I especially got a kick out of the fact that their lead singer, milling about near the stage before his band was up, looked uncannily like he had just stepped away from his management duties at the Hollywood Video nearby and would any minute now pin his name tag back on and leave.

I blame this at least in part on the reddish orange polo shirt he was wearing. But he was very entertaining on stage and the music was great, and he and his bandmates seemed to be having a blast, as were we in the audience. And what more could you ask for, even from a video store manager?


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  1. Hi Sarah! Mike ist auf dem Golfplatz und ich bereite die Quiche für die jährliche Erdbeerbowle (mit Mary und Atze und jetzt auch mit Cordel und -Hermann) vor, da hab ich mal kurz ne Pause eingelegt und Dein blog angeguckt. Interessant, was sich in der Hauptstadt so abspielt! Hier passiert ähnliches: Ich gehe morgen in die Waldbühne und höre die Berliner Philharmoniker, dazu gibts Picknick (ich bringe Chips und Salsa, Cordel Champagner, mehr weiß ich nicht). Keine Ahnung,was sie spielen, aber es wird sicher gut wenn das Wetter mitspielt . Leider hatte Cordel nur eine Karte, so bleibt Mike zu Hause – er wird Dich sicher anrufen und Du kannst ihn trösten! Have a nice Sunday!, Viele Grüße, Doris

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