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Good Day, Sunshine

Stepping out of the front door this morning, the air was fresh and light, no discernible humidity to mar a summer’s day, and my mood lifted instantaneously. I felt like wearing one of those swirly twirly bright summer dresses that dance about your legs and make you feel young and pretty. Of course, I also spend an inordinate amount of time indoors searching the wide wide Web for just such a perfect dress, and have yet to find one that is just right.

Which doesn’t mean I don’t have a whole closetful of dresses that are almost it. But then by buying those I am only doing my own small part in defeating the terrorists, who will win if we stop shopping.

So, the sunshine is back but for now without the humidity, it’s Friday, and as of now, Germany is in the semi-finals of the World Cup.

I love the effect that hosting the World Cup is having on Germany, how things seem to be loosening up a bit, and there’s just this big party all over the country. Even the German flag, long viewed with distrust if not distaste – even though the black, red and gold pre-dated the Nazis and was in fact discarded by them for their own nasty flag -this flag long avoided by most citizens, has now been adopted as a soccer party decoration without ugly nationalist overtones. Check out here How Germans learned to stop worrying and love the flag.

Hearing about the wonderful atmosphere in Germany, the friendliness, the optimism, which is so in contrast to the normal disposition of most Germans (well, with that much unemployment, small wonder, but still), all of this makes me really wish I were back in Berlin right now. It’s so heartening to see and hear this happy side of Germans, the more light-hearted, humorous, accepting side that almost never gets glimpsed by the rest of the world.

Because Germans do have a sense of humor, and have even been known to poke fun at themselves. No, really. We’re not all about Nazis, Lederhosen, Bratwurst and beer. There’s Fussball too.

And for those of you who don’t believe me, I give you: Bernd das Brot (Bernd the Loaf of Bread). According to Bernd himself, he’s of the genus “Homo Brotus Depressivus” (depressive bread-human). And what could be more quintessentially German than that?
Bernd das Brot


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