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Friday Fun

I have not yet seen Michael Mann’s remake of Miami Vice for the big screen, although I hear that in the making of this movie he proceeded as though a little TV series by the same name had never existed and he had certainly never had a hand in styling and producing such a show. Which is sort of too bad, because I think only Mann could have been capable of recreating the craptastic-ness that was Miami Vice for us today.

If you haven’t seen even one episode of Miami Vice, and have no idea what I’m talking about, let me quote Lisa de Moreas, the Washington Post TV columnist, at you. The following exchange is from her (semi)regular Friday online chat:

Miami Vice: I’ve been watching the reruns on the Sleuth Channel (which I can’t believe I get). What did you think of the show…groundbreaking pop drama or overrated rubbish?

Lisa de Moraes: Pookie, you think this is an either/or question and I’m here to explain to you that “groundbreaking pop drama” and “overrated rubbish” are not mutually exclusive. In fact, they’re almost always the same thing…Here at the TV Column we call it ‘craptastic’…I love “Miami Vice.”

See what I mean? Critics agree, the show was craptastic. I myself wasn’t allowed to watch it when it was on in Germany because it was shown way past my bedtime (and I think the show’s “overrated rubbish” aspect also had something to do with it. And the drugs, shootings, and other unsavory elements my parents considered unfit for someone my age). However, I did manage to sneak the rare occasional episode into my viewing, so that I am glancingly familiar with the wonder that was Miami Vice.

So, as a nostalgic flashback for those who wish Mann hadn’t discarded his TV vision for MV in the movie version and as the best possible introduction for those few who’ve never seen it, I give you – in lieu of an actual episode – the much superior recap of one single episode from the show’s heyday in 1986, as offered brilliantly by Mr. Sobell on Television Without Pity: Miami Vice: “Streetwise”

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