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Grazing the Samples

And the mood swings up again over the weekend, even without the soothing benefits of raindrops on the window. This time it was sunshine that did the trick. And not just the nicer, cooler, so-much-less humid weather DC has been enjoying these past few days either. I’m working my way towards punning on a whole ‘nother kind of sunshine – Little Miss Sunshine, to be exact. If you are in need of a really good laugh, a belly laugh, the kind of laugh that leaves you breathless and possibly with tears in your eyes (happens to me) – then go see this movie.

We went to see it a second time on Saturday night, and it was as good as, perhaps even better than, the first time we saw it. It’s a fantastic movie and without a doubt the funniest film I’ve seen in a long while.

Mood thus restored through laughter, Sunday was spent happily grazing the cheese selection samples at Whole Foods. There was a lovely extra sharp Cabot cheddar with the perfect bite of cheddarness, a delicious one-year old Gruyere and, one of my personal favorites, an aged Parrano. I circled back several times. On top of that, I managed to scrape the last bits of roasted garlic butter out of the sample dish with the springy gray bread provided. I do not care if I looked desperate as I went for bread crust after bread crust, trying to get those last smears of butter – I could have spent all day there happily cleaning out that container.

Fresh bread and butter – so good.


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  1. […] Watching in the movie theaters: Little Miss Sunshine (see my previous entry) – go watch it now. Also, A Scanner Darkly (see also my other previous entry), which I enjoyed although it left me somewhat depressed. I caution against seeing it after having martinis. […]

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