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Uber den Tellerrand, or Widening Your Horizons

What with U.S. troops in Iraq and the threat of terrorism much more starkly in the forefront these days, it has become a lot harder for Americans to ignore the rest of the world, although that’s not to say some of us won’t try regardless.

Yet even with more correspondents coming to us from foreign lands, what passes for news in most media here is still very much U.S.-centric (big surprise) and doesn’t give a whole lot of space to other voices. Not what we think they think but what they are actually saying and thinking.

I know from growing up in Europe that a lot more space is devoted to the USA, its internal politics, policies, and habits, in foreign news than U.S. news ever gives to what may be motivating the rest of the world. But you know what? It’s a rapidly shrinking world and we’d be better off if we understood the other better, or at least made more of an effort.

So, to help those of us who only speak the one language along a little, here’s a site that collects and translates what the news from other countries has to say about the USA. I can’t vouch for the translations, but if you don’t like them, perhaps it’s time to give language school another try.


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