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What I am…

Reading: Just finished The Violent Bear It Away by Flannery O’Connor for my book club. If you’re looking for an intense, gut-wrenching, unrelenting read about religion, the deep South and how our fate is inescapable, this is the book. If you’re hoping for a light read – not so much. Currently, I’m deep into A Wild Sheep Chase by Haruki Murakami, which reads very quickly and is quirky and deep and stars sheep. With stars on their backs. Well, one sheep with a star on its back, but it’s a special sheep. Read it yourself, I recommend it.

Watching on DVD: Flightplan (courtesy of Netflix) starring Jodie Foster. This movie got on my good side right out of the gate by opening with Jodie Foster sitting on a bench at the Alexanderplatz U-Bahn station, and going on to show some nice Berlin streets and old apartment buildings. Plus, they had actual German actors saying the lines in German, which made for a nice change. However, after that promising start, the movie soon lost me. I like Jodie Foster because she looks deceptively frail while being tough and resilient, and she plays strong women, but this movie just doesn’t gel for me.

Also: The Sopranos, the second season – so far, more eh than yay. I liked the first season, and maybe it’s because I’ve been watching the latest installment on HBO and so I know who ends up dead later and season 2 just can’t throw that many surprises at me. We’ll see.

And: Farscape, season three. My goodness but this is good stuff. I loved season two (and one as well but two really hit me hard) and so I am really looking forward to this season. So far it’s been gut-wrenching but in a good way. Ganesha really enjoys the way I watch the series. Get yourself hooked on it now.

Watching in the movie theaters: Little Miss Sunshine (see my previous entry) – go watch it now. Also, A Scanner Darkly (see also my other previous entry), which I enjoyed although it left me somewhat depressed. I caution against seeing it after having martinis.


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