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Monday, Monday

Once again, a new Monday heralds a new week (Yes, I start my weeks on Mondays, not Sundays. Want to make something of it? I like Sunday better as the end of the week, the quiet day the rounds out a long week before we all go back to work. Anyway, I have a calender that backs me up on this, so there.) and it is time to brace ourselves for whatever manner of jackassery the workplace, the school, the news, the politicians, and yes, even our families, might lob at us.

To help you cope, and to increase the usage of “jackassery” (great word, right?), I give you the following Non Sequitur comic, as provided by the fantastically funny Comics Curmudgeon: Voila, Monday jackassery. Enjoy. I myself printed out this comic when it first appeared 2 years ago and it now resides on the cabinet door above my electric tea kettle to provide me, along with the much-needed cup of tea, with the proper start to any weekday morning.

We also highly recommend aforementioned Comics Curmudgeon as excellent reading material on those slow work days, when you desperately need a laugh. Or when you need a pleasant way to avoid doing any work. Or really any time you have a hankering for witty commentary and laser-sharp insight into the dynamics of the comics page. So, actually, this is excellent and appropriate reading material any day of the week.


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