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Hurray for Moving (or Not)

Ah, September, when classes start up again and I go in search of boxes to fit all my stuff into once more. Not that I make it a practice to move every year anymore, although that did keep me quite busy and entertained in college (ha, every year, try nearly every semester!). But circumstances have conspired to ensure that a mere year after moving I am in the process of packing books into boxes, stuffing clothes into suitcases and wrapping glasses I had forgotten I had in newspaper once more. It is truly amazing what will accumulate in just a few months. I had no idea it was even possible to fit this much stuff into a 450-sq feet and change efficiency.

On the other hand, this move is the perfect excuse (or unavoidable necessity) for sorting through the mountains of neglected paperwork and mail and finally getting rid of a lot of junk that has crept in over the months. So, I bought a shredder and have been happily shredding away for the past few days. It is just so satisfying to destroy those endless credit card offers and the old banks statements form 6 year ago (my goodness, that bank doesn’t even exist anymore). Plus, I looked at my CD collection for the first time in, well, years, and discovered that I really do not need to keep all of these fine albums (The Little River Band? What was I thinking?). I even managed to slim down my endless bookshelves by maybe 10 volumes (mostly paperbacks). So if you are interested in some entertainment, drop me a post here and maybe I can get a list out for people to pick over. Otherwise, out to the library or the hallway these go. Because I just cannot bear to throw away any book, even one I did not enjoy.


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