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That’s Where My Baby Lives

Random things about Ganesh that make me happy I’m moving in with him:

  • How invested he gets in Suduko puzzles and how much it annoys him when he finishes behind the average time of all the other anonymous online players
  • The fact that even in a small kitchen, we can cook together, one of us cutting veggies with a very sharp knife while the other is trying to drain a boiling pot of pasta into the colander in the sink directly next to the vegetable cutting area, without ever snapping at each other.
  • Every season (spring, summer, fall), he creates a special compilation of songs for that time of year, and what I really love is how obsessive he gets about the organization of it. Songs organized according to producer or on the basis of geography? Endless rearranging of the playlist to get the flow just right? Wonderful.
  • The way he pokes fun at me so that I realize that laughing at myself is not as ego-shattering as I allowed myself to think.
  • How he can be so bothered by a sink of dirty dishes that he will abandon his Suduko or book to go clean it up (and he never expects me to do it for him) and yet he is entirely oblivious to the expanding civilization of mold growing in the takeout container at the back of his fridge.
  • The we have read aloud to each other (although he does most of the reading) not only the entire His Dark Materials Trilogy but also four Harry Potter books and are well into the fifth one, and yet our enthusiasm has not waned.
  • He has a PhD in mathematics but still take forever to calculate a tip.
  • He makes the perfect pear martini.
  • How easily he adjusted to having my stuffed toy camel sitting on his couch.
  • The way my apoplectic rants when I read the news amuse him because he feels exactly the same way and my venting makes his unnecessary. Instead, he can calm me down and distract me.
  • How he remains completely calm in the face of my nervous obsessing before every exam, interview, trip, or other life event and always manages to make me feel better about things.
  • That he insisted I keep every single one of my many, many books when moving in, even though he already had three large, deep book cases groaning under the weight of his own extensive collection.
  • The fact that I could keep listing reasons I love him indefinitely, even after losing a previous list and having to start over from scratch.

Washington, D.C.
It’s paradise to me
It’s not because it is the grand old seat
Of precious freedom and democracy
No, no, no
It’s not the greenery turning gold in fall
The scenery circling the Mall
It’s just that’s where my baby lives
That’s all.

(The Magnetic Fields, Washington D.C. found on 69 Love Songs, Part 2)

But really, “it’s my baby’s kiss that keeps me coming back.”

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