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Renamed: Attracting Spammers

[This is the only post to consistently get all sorts of spam comments. So I am renaming it to see if that makes a difference. If that doesn’t work, this post is gone.]

I am currently in Berlin, and working from a German keyboard where the Z and the Y are switched and other little characters have also moved around. This makes typing even more of an adventure than it already is for me on any given daz, er day.

I can recommend travel to Berlin in October as the weather is still on the warm side and dodging falling chestnuts keeps you alert and active. Of course, on the Berlin sidewalks that is not the only thing you must dodge, but most other dangers threaten from the ground (think dogs and their souvenirs).

If you’re in Berlin, go to the Hackische Markt S-Bahn station and have a beer at Lemke’s Brewery, where you can get a menu in English and sit right next to the place where they brew the beer. They offer hearty German fare and beer that is very good, even to someone who doesn’t ordinarily like beer a lot. Try the Fest Bier, and do it quickly, before they run out for the evening. Of course, there is always the Hefeweizen or the Original. It is, at Lemke’s “Eine Frage der Ähre” (Sorry, German pun – Ähre (the head of the wheat or grain) sounds like Ehre (honor), so it’s a question of honor/grain).

Let me also add this delicacy, which I have searched for in vain in the U.S.: Doner Kebap. I have one every time I come to Berlin, and the lack of it here is one of those things periodically making me question my decision to live in the States.

The Doner


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