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The Truth About Ticketmaster

The other day I was trying to buy tickets to Jingle in the Jungle, a holiday fundraising event for the National Zoo, and while I cannot fault FONZ for having given up trying to administer their own ticket sales, I really wish they hadn’t gone to Ticketmaster for the service.

Ticketmaster is evil. They charge many outrageous extra fees that might as well be called “because we can” fees and if you want them to e-mail you the tickets, well, that will cost you an extra $4. Even though they are e-mailing the tickets to you. And you are the one to print them out. You pay for the paper. But you also pay Ticketmaster $4. For e-mailing you the electronic tickets.

So, here I was, dutifully going through the steps of buying the tickets online (only way to get these tickets to FONZ events), and muttering to myself about the exorbitant prices that Ticketmaster screws out of people, when I get to the verification screen. The page that has a random jumble of hard-to-read letters and numbers that you must type into the box as a safety feature to make sure you are a real person and not a bot.

And behold, I saw the truth about my relationship to Ticketmaster spelled out there in “random” letters.  For it said:



One Response

  1. Hence the reason I left ticketmaster last year with a big “blow me” for my supervisor.

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