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Adventskalender, December 1

We have reached December, which means the Christmas season, which means for me that there must be an Advent calendar to count down the days to Christmas (by which I mean December 24 because that’s when Christmas is in Germany and that’s where I learned my Christmas traditions, and so it shall be here). I have several Advent calenders at this point because not only do I have my very own splendidly over-the-top version, each of my parents has also sent me a small calendar so that every morning I can now open three doors, one on each.

I know it is already December 2, but the idea to do this only occurred to me today, so we will have to fudge the first day a bit. My large Advent calendar involves 24 small boxes, with little figures in them, and each day I open a new one, I add another item or figure to my Christmas scene, which takes place within a barn. It is not a re-enactment of the nativity scene with Maria and Joseph in the barn. This is just a normal barn with farm animals and a Santa Clause/St. Nikolaus figure feeding them.

I will be taking a picture (nearly) every day as the scene unfolds and I’ll post the pictures on Flickr (see my sidebar), as well as putting small versions up every Advent Sunday and on other special holidays. This is sort of my own version of an Adventskalender online.

So, for December 1 and all the others, check out the Flickr sidebar here and click on it if you want to see all the Advent pictures in large format.

In case you are wondering, today I unpacked a little black cat. In a barn that’s been decorated for Christmas.


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