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Cheese Shop

This weekend, Ganesh and I finally got around to visiting a most wonderful cheese shop – the Cowgirl Creamery. And let me just say, that is some good cheese. A good cheese monger will, of course, allow you to taste various cheeses, so that you can make an informed decision. And she should be able to tell you about the cheese, where it was made, its specific qualities, and other foods it work well with.

I could have been there all day, eating cheese samples and travelling from the taste of Parma to Wisconsin and back. Ah, Gouda, aged, and triple cream Tam, which is made right there in the Creamery (or at least, by the Creamery Cowgirls). So, so good. Did I also mention they sell fantastic salami, such as you can only taste in Italy? And now apparently also made by family farms in the U.S. The smell is amazing and we had some for breakfast this morning.

I also have to mention this amazing cheese we tried, Tomme de Boudanne, which is a cow’s milk with natural rind, and simply the best cheese I’ve had in a while. I like milder cheeses and this one is sublime. Every bite of it has a mellow finish that makes you want to take yet another bite.  We were looking for a nice nutty cheese for some Gruyere pastry Ganesh is planning to make for our book club party, so we did not go with the Boudanne because we needed something a bit stronger.  We ended up with Beaufort, a nice nutty hard cheese that will work perfectly with the choux of the pastry.

Ah, I love cheese. We’ll be back to the Cowgirl Creamery very soon.


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