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Der zweite Advent (Adventskalender, December 10)

On the second Advent, my calendar gave the animals in the barn a larger trough from which to eat. Not as exciting as another animal but on the other hand, this might keep them from fighting amongst each other. Now the cats can have their own bowl and leave the chicken alone.

Adventskalender, December 10

In honor of Advent, Ganesh spent the day brewing his own beer. The whole place smells like hops now (and yeast too), a heavy, sweetish smell that is reminiscent of bread or cake but still different somehow. It was quite a production, involving 7 pounds of ice, 4 gallons of water, and remembering to take the yeast out of the fridge 3 hours before. Then there was the boiling pot of grain, malt and hops (and water of course), which I was instructed to keep an eye on for a bit while Ganesh ran out for some soda (unrelated to the beer, we were just thirsty). I’ve been assured that the Reinheitsgebot was observed in this recipe, so this brew should pass muster.

I’ve never seen this done before, so I’m excited to see the results. I’ll have to ask Ganesh what he’ll be calling this batch. He’s busy creating his seasonal music mix right now. No, it’s not Christmas music. But it sounds good so far. He’s abandoned having a theme for this mix because he realized that trying to force a theme on his previous mixes screwed them up. This mix is much better. At least I think the songs flow into each other very nicely.


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