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Adventskalender, December 13

Today was a crappy day for me. I woke up with a headache and tired from lack of sleep, wishing I could just stay home and relax. But I have very few sick days saved up and therefore can hardly afford to take one when I’m not truly, deathly, contagiously ill. Or at least I feel bad enough about taking such I-just-don’t-feel-like-it days that I can’t quite bring myself to enjoy staying home.

So I dragged myself outside, rather grumpily, and made my way to work. ONly to find on the metro that my soup, meant for lunch, has decided to liberate itself from the Glad ware and explore the contents of my bag. End result: two soaked New Yorker magazines, one damp and poultry-smelling copy of The Woman in White, two boxes of tea, now steeped in chicken broth, and a notepad enriched by the same broth.

And me with only three thin tissues to try and soak up the puddles of soup at the bottom of my bag.

Once in the office, I learn that the Yangtze River dolphins, blind and shy and stuck living in a muddy river polluted by chemicals and noise, which wreaked havoc with the anmal’s sonar navigation.

And then I learn that due to an error in address, my old office received Christmas cookies meant for me, and rather than checking with me about a mysterious package addressed to me, they ate them all. And threw out the pretty tin in which they came.

What saves this day for me? The fact that in today’s box, December 13, of my Advent calendar, I found two cute little guinea pigs to add to my barn. Yesterday, we had mice (3 of them) but today there are guinea pigs and that just makes me happy.

Yeah, count your blessings, and find them were you may.

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