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Der dritte Advent (Adventskalender, December 16&17)

I’m a bit slow today, due to the after effects of a friend’s birthday party last night (or perhaps early, early this morning). Yesterday was a busy day, party-wise. First, our book group, for which we still do not have a good name, had its December meeting and Ganesh and I were the ones to host it. Normally we meet at a downtown bookstore, but for the December meeting we like to have more of a party than a book discussion, and it’s just nicer having that at someone’s place. Also, that way we can serve drinks. This year, we were hosting, and I think it went very well.

The group had decided to read TV novelizations this month – you need the fun and crazy this time of year – so that each member read a different horrible novelization of a TV series, and then we told each other about the agony or joy of slogging through this book. Obviously, this is an undertaking that requires a lot in the way of drinks. But since we are talking about Ganesh’s liquor cabinet, there was no need to worry. Even better, we had delicious Gougeres (warm puffy cheesy bites of deliciousness), made by Ganesh, and a nice assortment of other snacks. We did miss the British Adventuress’ deadly Krispy Creme-based bread pudding this time around. Where were you, British Adventuress?

It’s best not to mention the books, as most of them hardly qualified for the title of “writing” at all. The salient thing to know about the Charmed novelization I “read” is that the author likes to do 3D puzzles in his (copious) spare time and he loves riding the Tower of terror at Disneyland. Those are his hobbies, along with writing fantasy fiction for young people. So yeah, great book about the 3 sister of Charmed, who turn out to be witches (this one was called Kiss of Darkness if you must know). Poor Ganesh had to struggle through a 7th Heaven novelization. I will spare you the details. It’s just too painful.

So, several martinis and discussions about the merits of Angel, Buffy, and MASH fanfic later, we disbanded the party to move on to the next one. It was a fun night at the 18th Street Lounge, although some people (you know who you are) left much too early. Of course, I have to space out the late nights myself if I want to have fun. As it was I got so sleepy around 2:30 AM that even the loud live jazz about 2 feet from my ears could not keep me awake. Good times.

Today was therefore spent in a more reflective manner, listening to Bach’s Christmas Oratorio (Weihnachtsoratorium), having lots of herbal tea, and watching the candles on the Advent wreath burn. Oh, and we watched The Iron Giant, which is a great movie.

The scene in the Advent barn was enriched yesterday by the addition of a horse (yay!) and a little wagon today. One of the mice is now sitting atop the duck (it happened sometime during the book club meeting, don’t look at me), and at one point some Vikings invaded the barn in order to feed their horse. At least they did not burn anything down.

Adventskalender, December 17 Vikings in the barn

[For more pictures, see my Flickr account.]


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