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Merrier Days (Adventskalender December 18)

In an improvement on last week, the turkey soup I took to work today for lunch did not spill all over my bag, thus keeping The Woman in White dry for a change. It’s a really good book (I can say that even though I’ve only progressed past the first 100 pages or so), and I recommend reading it. Especially if you’re somewhere cold and have a fire by which to curl up, perhaps along with some hot chocolate (maybe add a shot of Amaretto to that? Just a suggestion for cold days). In this city we are sadly lacking in cold days this month. Don’t get me wrong, I do not necessarily long for below-freezing temperatures and biting wind, but something below the current ridiculous 68 degrees Fahrenheit in mid-December would be appreciated. It’s hard to get in the true merry Christmas/solstice spirit when you can walk around in short sleeves. That’s just not right.

Anyway, the soup did not spill, and my lost Christmas cookies (the ones accidentally devoured by my former colleagues from my former office because they were sent to the wrong address) have been replaced by the cookie company, free of charge. I received the lovely golden tin today, and am having a great time looking at it. I haven’t opened it yet because right now it is enough just to look at it. Anticipation is sweet.

The Advent calendar yielded a rather boring wooden (well, plastic made to look like wood) bucket or pail today. Not too exciting. I anticipate a few more heads of livestock in the remaining days of countdown to December 24 though.  Of course, since I will be travelling on the 23rd, my pictures of the final day will either lag behind or have to break the rules and anticipate the day by opening the last box early. I’m not sure I like either option very much, but what can you do?

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