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I Get a Haircut (Adventskalender December 19, 20 & 21)

For the past few months, I’ve been letting my hair grow long. Not so much because I really want long, long hair but mainly because I have an irrational reluctance to visit the hair salon. I do not know what trauma has me so on edge when it comes to making an appointment with the hair dresser but for years now I have tended to put if off as long as possible. Maybe it’s the necessity of sitting still and having someone mess with your head, the pain that yelps at me from my scalp when the hair professional tugs at my strands, or the enforced small talk and awkward conversation you are helpless to extricate yourself from but I do not entirely enjoy having my hair cut.

Still, it had gotten to the point where I got caught on my own long hair when lying down or leaning back against a chair. Then there is that heaviness that long thick hair develops the longer it gets. It weighs on the head. Not to mention the split ends and general air of unkemptness as the hair kept growing and growing without any treatment by a professional to tame it.

So, I went – finally – and got my hair cut and now I wonder why I waited so long. It feels so nice to have left the weight behind, to shake my head and feel the locks bounce. It’s so nice, how a relatively small thing, something you do (or have done) for yourself, can improve your mood and the way you see yourself. I feel sexier and sleeker already. I am ready for the holidays.

And speaking of holidays, if anyone was wondering what my Advent calendar has been doing, to date we have added a broom (Dec 19), a black goat (Dec 20), and a sheep (today). The little angel child is now busy sweeping the barn (and good luck with that), the goat is already trying to eat things it shouldn’t, and the sheep has settled nicely into eating hay. A lovely scene indeed.

In other news, Ganesh and I went to see a play at Studio Theatre Secondstage yesterday, with a very nice dinner at Veridian beforehand. I had Parisian pumpkin gnocchi, which were delectable. I also enjoyed the cauliflower gratin. The play was tempOdyssey, and neither Ganesh nor I are quite sure what to think. The actors did a very good job with their roles (I especially liked Dead Boy guy and the Scientist and Fran) and the play did feature some very good dialogue and a lot of laughs but I feel it wasn’t quite cooked though yet. For me at least, the overarching themes didn’t quite gel but I enjoyed it overall. I would suggest you go see it and judge for yourself. It’s a diverting 2 hours and really, some of the dialogue is excellent, and the actors were very good.

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