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Adventskalender, December 22

I’m up late tonight (or is it early? Anyway, it’s around 1 am and technically it’s the 23 rd) packing because, as we all know, you can’t just throw just any old clothing in the bag when you’re going to your SO’s family’s place for Christmas. So considerable time has been spent staring at the bed, where various sweaters, pants and shirts are laid out, while the empty bag sits yawning from the floor. Decisions, decisions.  Made harder, somehow, by the fact that said SO has nonchalantly flung two pairs of jeans into his bag and assured me that his family does not dress up much for the holiday and it really doesn’t matter.

Yeah. Except this is my first holiday with them, after meeting the inner circle (i.e. parents and siblings) for the first time several months ago. Which would be fine but there will be many more members of the extended family around, and I’ve gathered that the topic of marriage is hanging in the air. In the sense that certain uncles and aunts want to know why the son of the family, nearing his 30s after all, has not long since gotten hitched. What, it seems the questions is, is taking him so long? Offers of arranged marriages have been made continuously now for years at every opportunity. And now here I come – the girlfriend, the one he’s bringing home for Christmas. Surely this is an event of some kind.

It should be fun.

And to distract myself, I look at the Advent calendar and the little lamb that showed up today.  A very nice scene. The next two days may only be revealed on Christmas Day itself, because I won’t be here to photograph the scene properly. So I guess, fittingly, we shall find out who the last two visitors are on December 25th (unless I’m too tired and then it will be the 26th. Such is life.).

Happy Holiday Season.


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