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Aaaand…it’s a New Year

Things to note for 2007:

  • Avoid encounters with unknown, big, mastiff-like dogs that want to play tug with my coat sleeve
  • If one such big dog nevertheless manages to get a hold on my coat sleeve with his slobbering mouth and large teeth, make sure to give the owner, who is pulling at the beast’s leash fruitlessly and shouting his name in vain, a true piece of my mind regarding his lack of dog-related control.
  • Most importantly, regarding such dog incidents, which are to be avoided in 2007, do not, under any circumstances, let the half-assed, sullenly mumbled, reluctant excuse for an apology coming from a dog owner already retreating far away from you slide. Do not accept it as adequate. Control your dog, sir!
  • Read more books like The Woman in White. Great story, gripping characters, Gothic touches, suspenseful 600 plus pages that read like a much thinner book (it’s done already?).
  • Stop emulating the Zoo’s capybaras in figure and habits (i.e. less lounging about munching on snacks – although straw does make good roughage – and less growing stout. Not that it doesn’t look good on the capys.).
  • Limit alcohol consumption. Ha. Ok, not really.
  • Lighten up more. Or be more cynical. Whichever works best at any given moment.
  • Write more. Because, practice, practice, practice.

2 Responses

  1. The group you saw at the small mammal house, 12/3/06, taking pix of the meerkats was the East Coast Meerkat Society, fans of Animal Planet’s Meerkat Manor. This group was from the Metro area, but it exists thruout the USA, Europe & elsewhere.

    How do I know? I am a member from Northern VA and was with the group on Sat 12/2/06 and then Sun was the second gathering.

  2. I had no idea there were meerkat societies. That is very cool, thanks for letting me know!

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