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Adventskalender, December 23 & 24

Yes, still with that Advent calendar. You thought, perhaps I wouldn’t finish this since Christmas, and even December, is behind us now? Ha. You greatly underestimate my need, nay drive, to complete a series once begun.

December 23rd added a large basket of hay to the barn, which immediately attracted the goat and one of the guinea pigs. Then, December 24th of course brought no surprise from the Advent countdown: to whit, a portly bearded gentleman in a red suit with white trim and black boots (highly polished), who came to bring the barn animals some treats. See my Flickr account for the photos.

The Christmas visit with Ganesh’s family, by the way, went very well. Much great home-cooked Indian food was had (so, so yummy) and everyone was very nice to me. I was embarrassed by a pile of generous presents from all the families, even from those who’d never met me before. It puts you in a rather awkward spot when you’ve been led to believe that this year, the plan is not to exchange gifts (except for one between each family maybe, and of course within the smaller family units) and then you find that no one but yourself heeded that plan. So there I was with nothing to give to anyone, aside from my hosts and Ganesh, as more and more gifts piled up in front of me. Nothing to do of course but thank everyone copiously and make sure this never happens again, even if I have to resort to CVS as a gift source.


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