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Red Line Woes

This week was not a good week for metro. First the 16-minute “minor” delay on the red line earlier in the week, then the shut down of Braddock Rd station for packages that sat around for hours (at least it wasn’t guerrilla advertising, see Boston), and today this unspecified “minor” delay on the red line in my direction, and only in my direction. I get to the station at 7:24 a.m. and see the train just disappearing into the tunnel. Oh well, there’ll be another one in a few minutes, right? Nope. 20 minutes later, I finally get a damn train. Is there an explanation? I don’t know, because every time the station manager made an announcement, the loudspeakers were so weak, I couldn’t hear a word. Naturally, he also made the announcements only when a train in the other direction was pulling in – just to be sure no one could understand anything. And there were many trains in the other direction. Say, every two minutes or so. While I stand there, reading the entire Express cover to cover and nearly finishing off my crossword.
Ah Metro, how I love thee.


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