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Signs it’s Friday

  1. You fail to finish the crossword while riding the Metro escalator.
  2. The liquor store is packed and you have to stand in line waiting for the middle-aged lady in front of you to pay for her two six packs of microbrew, while surrounded by tourists browsing the selection of wine coolers.
  3. The characters that clog 18th St. and Adams Mill Road multiply exponentially while silmultaneously slowing down from their usual leisurely saunter to a snail’s pace crawl, turning your walk home into a slalom course of frustration.
  4. The bars are already filling up at 5 PM.
  5. There’s a heavy box of fresh produce waiting for you at the front desk.
  6. Your bottle of vodka is bigger today.

What? The vodka? We are having people coming over. And we will be discussing books about religion. ‘Nuff said.

On another note, it’s simply amazing how much mental energy one little online course can siphon off. But now that the semester is pretty much over, I’m sure I’ll be coming back here more often to fulfill my online writing quota.

Netflix movies I have at home right now: Jeeves & Wooster, Season 3 (disc 2) ; The Tunnel.


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