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So, a Year?

Today I took a look at my calendar and noticed that I’ve had this thing for a year now. Not that I’ve been writing all that much lately but still. A year? I’m sort of surprised that I haven’t given this up but then the lure of seeing your words out there, in ethereal print, is powerful stuff.

Maybe this is a good time then to rename myself. I picked Cavioidea as the latin name of the Cavy family – guinea pigs, capybaras and such – only to find out right after I committed to it that this form of a latin name is not in use. Or maybe it is but it’s hard to find confirmation. If you look it up now, the name is Caviidae, and it’s a name I like. For one, it’s much easier to say. It sounds nicer. But changing my name would make the URL for these posts harder to understand.  Oh, what to do?

For now, I think I’ll leave the name. It suits me because it is just a bit cumbersome and out of touch, a little bit difficult but not ostentatiously so.  Lacking grace but still useful.



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