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Weekend Plans

And now you expect to hear about my exciting plans for this weekend, big city Washington events I plan to attend Saturday, the brunch for Sunday, what clubs I might be frequenting tonight. Well ha. This Sunday, I plan to make pancakes, which means I’ll have to remember to buy eggs and milk on Saturday. And sort through some clothes to see what can be donated or tossed out. And that’s about it for this Saturday – fun, isn’t it? But speaking of Saturdays…

Last Saturday I was lucky enough to be dragged to the Dismemberment Plan reunion/benefit concert, and can I just say, wow there were a lot of tall people there. Oh, and the band was pretty good too, from what I could tell by the glimpses I caught of them between all those bobbing heads.

Ok, seriously though, I’m a music ignoramus. If I weren’t living with the Pop Culture Elitist, I wouldn’t even know who the Decemberists or the Magnetic Fields are, never mind about D-Plan. However, as a complete DC-music scene neophyte (or is it philistine?), can I just say that D-Plan is an awesome live act? Fantastic. Now if only I could stop getting to know about bands just as they play their last gig together (hello, Q and not U). Because while I’m getting old and grumpy about going to shows – my feet hurt and my back is really killing me, how much longer before this set is done so I can finally go home and sit down? And why must the music be so loud? – the show that the Dismemberment Plan put on Saturday night made me forget about my aches and pains (well, mostly) and feel the crackling, life-giving energy live music should give you. And it was for a good cause to boot. What’s not to love, aside from the fact that the band still isn’t getting back together?

So once my dear Pop Culture Elitist deigns to share his D-Plan stash with me, I and my old iPod will strive to become intimately familiar with the D-Plan lyrics. Just in case they ever reunite for another show. Because with these guys, participation makes it even sweeter. All together now: I’m fine Mom, how’s Washington?

Oh, and P.S. tonight we’re going to see Spiderman 3. See you there. Or do you have plans already?



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