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Caught Unawares

It seems that the Pop Culture Elitist gave me a shout out and let it be known that I deal with questions of modern communication and technology. Except he forgot to mention that I haven’t done that here much, with the exception of the occasional rant about cell phones. Now, I am currently neck-deep in these issues in a class that demands a lot of my time, and I was planning to work out some of my thoughts here. I guess now is the time to do that.

So stay tuned. And while you’re waiting, check out The Shock of the Old – a new look at technological history – and The Sponsor – a classic examination of the commercial system that drives U.S. broadcast networks (and cable). More on those two books later, too.


2 Responses

  1. So what does Pop Culture Elitist mean by “IMing”? Where I come from, “IM” has a very bad meaning, i.e. in Germany, it stands for “informal collaborator”, designating someone who was a stringer for the East German secret police, the Stasi (The life of others), spying on friends, neighbors and even spouses for money or for the cause.

  2. Hi Mike, and already we’re on the topic of communications technology. Obviously, in our fast-paced modern techno-life style, we have stopped thinking about the terms we use for activities we do almost as a matter of course. Like “chatting” online in real time, by which I mean exchanging text messages over the computer using a program like Gmail chat or the like.
    So, IM stands for “instant message” or messaging. I think that’s SMS in Germany? Or is that just for cell phone texting? Anyway, you’ve IM’ed with me. But I never made the connection with the German “IM” until you pointed it out. Weird.

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