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Champagne Cocktails and GTA4

Instructions to a delightful Sunday afternoon:

  1. Finish all your classes that week (by Thursday if possible).
  2. Enjoy a lovely walk in the May sunshine.
  3. Buy excellent cookbook with gift card (wedding gift!).
  4. Drop sugar cube in tamarind mixture.
  5. Pour champagne into glass, add slice of pear. Oh, and some Pear Williams too.
  6. Add tamarind sugar cube to champagne.
  7. Recall impossible name for this cocktail concocted with Pop Culture Elitist and vow never to divulge this name in public.
  8. Feel refined while sipping champagne cocktail on a Sunday afternoon.
  9. Watch refined and elegant Pop Culture Elitist play Grand Theft Auto 4.
  10. Abandon all hope of refinement. Or elegance.
  11. Have another glass of champagne cocktail.
  12. Repeat.

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