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Having ignored this place for so long now, I was going to continue in this vein because I’d only be talking to myself at this point anyway. But then I saw that I have 97 posts and that cannot stand. I must reach 100, even if no one else ever reads this. And I cannot just have a bunch of happy posts about the awesomeness of the world sit here indicating a mood that comes and goes. Sometimes it is very hard to keep in mind that the world can indeed be awesome.

However, there has been a blog-related breakthrough in that I have finally been mentioned in another blog. Hurray! I exist in the digital arena outside of my own little space. Granted, it does not feature my best side – I am shown goofing up movie showtimes – but then we need to acknowledge our faults alongside the inner perfection, no?

I have many thoughts of substance these days but somehow little actual time to sit down and write them out in a coherent manner. Which leads me back to yet aother insubstantial post like this one. But perhaps writing in small bursts like this will help me articulate more interesting ideas. Eventually.

At least until I hit 100 posts, right?


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