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Friday Cat Blogging

Because now I can.

Meet the new residents at our place.

One of our new cats.

One of our new cats.

And the other new cat.

And the other new cat.

Aren’t they cute?

Oh right, the names. After meeting these kitties at the Humane Society and waiting for our adoption application to go through, we were trying to come up with names for these two. And we were having a really hard time. We considered the names of movie characters, naming them after characters from our favorite TV shows, after songs or bands, literary figures, and even cocktails. But as much as I might enjoy the thought of having Gin and Tonic scampering around, it just didn’t fit.

Turns out, it’s a good idea to get to know the creatures you are going to name. So once we brought them home, we watched them for a while. After an initial period of observation and giving up a full night’s sleep (cats like looking out of windows – our bedroom window is also where the head of our bed is), I was inclined to name them Crazy and CatNip Fiend.

Yes, there was a period of adjustment as the two cats got to know each other better by hissing and chasing each other across our bed. But they’re much nicer to each other now. They still chase each other across our bed, but now they don’t hiss any more.

So, say hello to Cider (the calico/white) and Slim (black and white).

[Cider was my husband’s idea, and Slim was named after Lauren Bacall’s character Marie “Slim” Browning in “To Have and Have Not.“]

Life will be so much more exciting. I can tell already. Excuse me, while I go put double-sided sticky tape on the couch.


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