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Obama Sweeps to Victory

Obama Sweeps to Victory

Happy day!

We went to vote this morning and happily stood in line for a little over an hour before casting our votes. It was wonderful to see the line, which never got shorter behind us but kept adding people.

Now, watching the election coverge, with all stations calling this for the good guys and McCain giving his classy concession speech, I can hear the joyous hoots and hollers on the streets of DC. I can hear the U Street party from my living room and my heart soars.

That map is so blue. It does my heart and soul so much good to see that much blue. We needed this. We needed to give the finger to eight years of Bush and the bancrucpy and corruption of Republican “government.” The damage that cabal did to this country has not been fully accounted for yet, even now, but now at least we have some hope that it will stop.

Let’s get to cleaning up. Let’s do this right.

I am so happy right now. Come what may, this is a good night, this is a great result, and this country – we – did us all proud in electing That One. Congratulations to President-Elect Barack Obama!

P.S. I am also heartened by the fact that Colorado decisively voted down the ridiculous Amendment 48 (Full personhood rights to fertilized eggs) and South Dakota looks to be rejecting (again) the draconian arbortion restrictions (I’m crossing my fingers).


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