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Finally, Fried Rice

Fried rice can be a fast meal, provided you have various leftover vegetables and some 2- or 3-day-old rice in the fridge. I don’t usually have extra rice waiting to be put to a purpose, so I had to plan ahead and make the brown Basmati rice I used a few days earlier. I’ve tried to make fried rice several times, and have never quite been satisfied with the results.

This time, I made a version of this quick fried rice that turned out quite well, even though I had to stop and scrub the pan after cooking the egg. Once I removed the overly browned bits of egg coating the bottom of the pan (next time, less heat for the eggs), I restarted the recipe at the “brown the rice” bit. My fried rice included some cabbage that had been quietly awaiting its use for over a week now, so I gave it a quick fry on its own before removing it to make way for the rice. Otherwise I followed the recipe pretty much exactly, using ginger, scallions, peas (frozen), grilled asparagus, and chickpeas, and adding the cabbage and egg back in at the end.

So far, this was the most successful version  of fried rice I’ve achieved, and – thanks to some advance preparation – also a truly fast meal to make.


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