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Serendipitous Asparagus

Something lovely I stumbled upon by the grace of serendipity: roasted tarragon asparagus. Looking for something to do with the spring bounty of asparagus, and yet more asparagus, I found this braised asparagus with tarragon recipe. Since I also had a lot of extra tarragon and wanted a new way to make asparagus, this seemed worth a try.

Maybe I used too much liquid, or perhaps I let the spears braise too long, but the end result turned out slightly stringy and  too watery for me. At least based on the one spear I tasted straight from the pan. The asparagus went into the fridge, and there it stayed for a few days.

Until tonight, when – driven by the worry of losing the whole batch unnecessarily – I had the idea to roast the asparagus. Since I thought it was too watery, dry heat seemed like a good fix. The spears went on a baking sheet on  parchment paper and into a 350 degree oven. After about 10 minutes, I turned down the heat closer to 300 and left the asparagus in another 10 to 15 minutes. The final result is slightly desiccated asparagus with a smoky aroma and a lovely, strong taste of tarragon – a bit sweet, a bit like anise, a lot like spring.


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