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Fun Things to Do With Pita

Here are some things you can do when you have a stack of pita (rounds):

Spinach enchilada (variation): grated Colby Jack cheese, mixed with chopped fresh spinach, between pita halves; proceed as with a classic grilled cheese sandwich: start with one pita half in a hot, oiled cast iron pan, layer on the spinach and cheese, top with second pita half; after about 5 minutes or so, once the bottom pita has crisped and browned, flip the whole thing and let the other side brown.

Tuna melt or vegetarian chickpea of the sea: on a pita, layer spinach leaves (young), tuna salad (or chickpea version), cheddar or Colby Jack and place the sandwich under the broiler until the cheese is melted.

Chicken and caramelized onion sandwich with melted cheese: prepare chicken breast following this method – moist and tender chicken breasts – but start the pan off with sliced onion (1 medium onion) in butter and olive oil; let onions soften, then follow the chicken-breast cooking method, stirring onions and leaving chicken in the middle of the pan, surrounded by onions. This will cook the chicken breasts and give you nicely browned and caramelized onions. Then toast the pita half, smear with mayo, pile on onions; leave chicken in pan, add on cheese slices (cheddar or similar), cover pan; maybe fire up the stove again for 30 sec to ensure enough heat to melt cheese; wait about 1 minute; place chicken breast on onions, top with second pita half (also mayo on that, if you want); eat delicious, messy sandwich, perhaps with roasted potatoes on the side.


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  1. Excellent post today! I really enjoyed it. I enjoy making great food for my family and friends when they come over for entertainment. Food can also be entertaining in itself. Thanks again for sharing this.

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