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Rhubarb Variation – Pink G and T

As an alternative to the Basil-Lime Gimlet, celebrate spring by turning your gin and tonic a delicate hue of pink. Inspired by my love of rhubarb, which had me looking at ways to incorporate it into my kitchen that go beyond pie and compote, I took a look at what other cocktail-oriented websites had to say about combining gin and rhubarb.

I found a post on rhubarb gin, two ways that discussed both hot and cold infusion. Starting from those ideas, I opted to toss my rhubarb pieces with some brown sugar and then warm them in the microwave for a bit before adding them to a bottle of Beefeater’s. Over a week, the gin turned a nice reddish color and took on a definite rhubarb aroma.

After straining out the rhubarb and letting the gin get cold in the fridge, I followed the gin and tonic proportions recommended by Billy’s blog: 1 part gin, 3 parts tonic, 1/2 part simple syrup. Instead of simple syrup, I used my own basil simple syrup (to echo a lovely rhubarb-basil cocktail I had last spring). The end result was a well-balanced gin and tonic with a delicate pink blush that was very refreshing. Lightly sweet with just a hint of sour from the rhubarb and tonic, this is an excellent way to toast spring.


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