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Tonic Upgrade

If there’s a food and drink trend, I tend to trail it. So while various food- and drink-oriented sources have been recommending a move beyond the grocery store tonic waters to something more handcrafted for ages now, I kept making my gin and tonics, including my pink G&T, with the classic Schweppes Tonic. Until I finally happened upon a source for the fancier stuff, and a bargain to boot. My new expert directed me toward two choices of top-shelf tonic water – Fever Tree and Q Tonic.  Since one of them was on special sale, I of course walked out with both versions.

I thought I did not really like tonic water. I was wrong. Turns out I just did not like the HFC kind of tonic water. My first foray – breaking into one of the small bottles that make up a four-pack of Fever Tree brand classic tonic water – was with a classic gin and tonic (using Plymouth gin). Basic, pure, clean, no muss, no fuss. And lo, it was good. It was the quintessential summer drink, elevated. I understand now that I do very much like gin and tonic, and it was the previous tonics that dampened my response.

But then, after a humid, dankly warm day, I went for my rhubarb gin without thinking, and opened the big bottle of Q to mix my pink G&T (in this case Beefeaters, infused with rhubarb). Revelation. The Q Tonic allowed the rhubarb-infused gin to truly shine. It perfectly supports the pink gin, like a white velvet cushion that sets off the pale ruby to perfection. If rhubarb-infused gin is a jewel, the Q Tonic is the finely-crafted platinum setting that makes it sing.

All in all, an upgrade to top-shelf tonic that is well worth it. I’ll be sticking with both Fever Tree and Q for all my future G&Ts. Next up: Hendrik’s G&T with cucumber (and if I can get some rosemary, I’ll try this, now that I have Q Tonic in my fridge). Cheers.


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