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Mashed Potato Remix

Sometimes leftovers surprise you. I started out with a version of Bubble & Squeak – also known as mashed potatoes fried up with cabbage or other leftover roasted veggies. Already, we’re in leftover territory, although I made this dish as the original meal using homemade mashed potatoes and braised chopped cabbage.  A good meal for fall and winter but one I got tired of after dinner #1.

So, what to do with the leftover leftovers? Adding cheese is always a good option for me, so that was step one. I added a good amount of shredded cheddar into the potato-cabbage mix, plus one egg, and a good sprinkling of Spanish paprika (pimenton), and dumped the mix into a gratin form. Topped with a bit more cheese, I baked it at about 375 F or so for 20 – 30 minutes. Timing depends on how much you have but basically you want the potato-egg mixture to bake through and the cheese on top to brown into a nice crusty topping.

Turns out that the smoky paprika plays very, very well with the sweetness of the cabbage, and of course potatoes and cheese go well together. My leftovers were transformed into a whole new dish; a play on a similar taste basis but taken into a different direction. Lesson: experiment with your leftovers, don’t be afraid to remix. Play a little.

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