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Making Flavors Work

Inspired by the Flavor Bible, a great guide to flavors, tastes, and how to combine different ingredients that I acquired not too long ago, I took another run at sage pasta. In the past, I’ve felt I haven’t gotten the full sage flavor I should get from the simple dish of pasta with sage and butter. The Flavor Bible reminded me what else works with sage, and so I built this dish.

Intense Sage Pasta: Begin with melted butter and some anchovy fillets, along with some of the anchovy oil. Add chopped sage (at least 1 Tbs, but I’d go for more) and let it meld into the butter and oil on low heat. Meanwhile, boil 6 oz. tri-color Rotini, or other, similar pasta – something with ridges that can catch the butter would be best. Also toast about 1/4 cup breadcrumbs in some butter. Add a bit of chopped parsley to the sage and butter, watch the butter brown a bit.

Keep back a bit of the pasta water. Add the drained Rotini to the pan with the butter and sage. Toss together. Beat an egg with a very little bit of the pasta water. Pour the egg over the pasta in the pan, with the heat off. Toss and toss until the egg melds into pasta, forming a sauce with the sage-anchovy butter. Add the breadcrumbs as a final touch. You could gild the lily with some Parmesan, but the breadcrumbs really already cover this. Voila, a delicious, sage pasta for one.


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