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The Reef

Unlike the ScyFy creature feature shark movies with effects so bad that they completely fail to scare you, The Reef, (Australia, 2010) brings the tension. Or maybe you don’t fear the wide open empty waters. The waters that are just murky enough to hide the very big, very effective predator. Great white shark, anyone? Care to share the water? Ideally while looking a bit like a seal, and definitely without weapons. In fact, in this scenario, you are like the seal except with less underwater vision, not nearly the speed, and massively  reduced agility. The Reef is based on a true story, a fact that did not help me get to sleep after watching it. Pro tip: do not watch this right before planning on going to sleep, because you won’t. Sleep, that is.

Five people, friends, family, go on a ocean sail. Things go wrong. And then there is some swimming in the open ocean. This is by far the most realistic movie about sharks and people and the ocean that I’ve seen outside of documentaries. (Note, I haven’t seen Open Water.) If deep ocean, the horrifying space (all directions harbor threat, including up and down), and the fact that there’s really no where to hide do not stir you, then perhaps this movie won’t affect you much. If Jaws caused you to stay out of the water for years, and you’d like a reason never to go sailing, then this is the movie for you.

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