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Big Pan of Vegetables

One possible dish to make while getting existential (see previous post): the big pan of late-summer vegetables. Think of it like Ratatouille, but less red. A symphony of green and orange and pale yellow. A way to use up some of the summer produce in danger of rotting away in your fridge (U.S. throws away 40% of food).

The dance steps (improvise as needed, this is a very loose rhythm): Sweat some chopped onion in olive oil, then let one small eggplant, cubed or sliced, join in, plus one small green chili (not a jalapeno but you could use one). Further add, a clove of garlic or more, if it suits you, and several smallish peppers – green mostly but also light green, and with a hint of red. Or use all red peppers if you like. The peppers should be chopped into small squares. Keep cooking everything over medium heat, salt as needed. Toss in some Carolina Gold tomatoes (2), basil (I had Thai basil to use up), or other herbs. For example, I added dried Herb de Provence later, so it’s up to you. Also, some sherry, to give you some liquid, along with the tomato juice. Keep cooking over medium heat or lower so that all veggies mellow together. Salt to taste and add crumbled goat cheese, generously. Serve over rice.


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