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Sage Butter Fried Potatoes

In need of a late-night dinner, one quick to prepare because I was very hungry, I stared down the lone Golden potato left from my Thanksgiving produce. And lo, I found some remnants of fresh sage; not quite so fresh now but not dried out yet. Butter, a voice said, fried potato and sage butter, and who am I to argue with my stomach at such a time? I recommend using your best butter here, the really good stuff.

Sage Butter Fried Potato: Slice the washed potato into thin half moons, and quarter the halves. Give the slices a quick boil, in just enough water to cover them, until just tender. Say, 10 minutes maybe. Meanwhile, heat a generous pat of butter in your cast-iron skillet or pan, let the butter melt and brown a bit, add the chopped sage, and a little sea salt. Drain the just-tender potato slices, make sure they are dry, and add them to the pan. Fry over medium or medium-high heat until crisped and browned, but take care not to burn the sage. When the potato has your preferred degree of crispness, plate it, and serve with a wedge of cheese, if you have any, or possibly some rustic bread, or even a fried egg on top. Or just enjoy the fried potatoes and the sage in their own right. Simple and delicious.


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