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Quick Hit: Dip into Dressing a Cool Spring Dish

If you’ve ever found yourself with leftover pot luck contributions, like say, some goat cheese yogurt dip, you might consider this a useful idea: Take said dip and turn it into a dressing for your cool Spring salad in just one handy step (not counting prepping the veggies).

For a large amount of the yogurt dip – at least a cup – you’ll want to use about 6 – 7 baby cucumbers, or 2 large ones; either English or the regular ones, ideally the kind that you don’t have to seed. Depending on the state of the peel (like how thick it is and whether there are some blemishes), peel the cucumbers. I like to leave some thin strips of peel to make them looked striped but you can leave them entirely naked too.

Cut off the ends, then either slice the cucumbers into rounds or cut them in half lengthwise and then slice them into half-moon shapes, or cut in half again and cube, whichever shape you prefer. I like them a bit chunkier here because that works better with the heavier dressing and the tomatoes but you can go thin too if you prefer. Place the cucumber slices into a large bowl. You’ll need space for tossing, so make it your largest bowl. Unless you like pieces of salad and dressing on your counter. Ahem.

Next, get to work halving about a pint of grape tomatoes (551 ml). If that seems too fiddly, you can leave the tomatoes whole, especially if they are on the small side, but I find it’s best to have them halved at least. Add the tomatoes to the cucumbers.

In a separate, smaller bowl, quickly whisk the goat cheese and yogurt dip (about 1 cup) with rice wine vinegar (maybe 1/4 cup or less – start with 1 Tbsp and taste to see how much you like). Salt and pepper to taste, then toss the dip, which – voilà – is now a dressing together with the rest of the salad.

Enjoy with a nice crusty baguette or country bread, and maybe a glass or two of cold rose. Ideally, on your little balcony in the mild spring evening. Or, failing that, a front stoop or patio or your very own kitchen table and an open window.


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