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About Cavioidea

Where: Washington, DC
What: Cavioidea (or Caviidea) is a Latin name for a rodent superfamily (order Rodentia) that includes guinea pigs and capybaras and other assorted members of the subfamilies. Or so I was led to believe. It may be wrong, but the name stuck anyway.

Capybara of cavioidea

Why I named this blog after rodents: Mainly because I love to read, and the German equivalent of a bookworm is the Leseratte, which, although a rat, sounds better than being a worm. Also, the world’s largest rodent is the capybara, a creature that looks like what it is – a giant guinea pig. To me, they look serene, and looking  at them makes me happy in a quiet and lovely way.

The basics on me: I have roots in both Germany and the US, I spent formative years in Berlin, on questionnaires I now have to check Age: 25 – 45, and I am prone to terrible creature features on ScyFy channel. If you ask me what my favorite activity is, I’ll vacillate between reading and watching TV and movies. Cocktails too.

Maybe this will add some insight: one of my all time favorite directors is Billy Wilder (writer too). Perhaps that says something about my outlook. Who am I to say. I also watched a lot of Hitchcock as a young girl. It may have warped me.

In the stereotypes category, I tend to live up to that bit about Germans being rule-abiding, punctual, organized and efficient but on the other hand, I’m not big on coffee. I’m also living proof that not all Germans love beer from birth. I’m working on that.

Based on the many food posts, is this a foodie blog?
Yes and no. I’m using this section of the Web to keep track of things I cook but that doesn’t mean this is the only thing I’ll talk about. After all, this blog has non-cooking origins, and no mandate to talk only about food.

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