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Echo of Spring: Gold-Green Breakfast Frittata

Something quick to brighten most any morning, including gray Spring weekends: Frittata!

What you’ll need (for one hungry person, or two if you have lots of bread and fruit and other lovely sides): Continue reading

Sunday Brunch Spiced Up

The kohlrabi was black inside. It was shocking; to slice off the stubby end of the solid little rotund root, expecting sweet whitish flesh, only to see an eclipse of black. For those of you saying, hold up – what’s a kohlrabi? Follow the link and be enlightened. Meanwhile, this bad specimen of the usually crisp and sweet vegetable meant an enforced change to my vague meal plans.

The idea was to slice both some potatoes (basic red ones) and two representative kohlrabi, and prepare them in the traditional way of my childhood (thanks, Oma): boiled potatoes tossed in butter and parsley and kohlrabi simmered in water or chicken broth, finished off with a bit of milk or cream. But now I was one kohlrabi short, and felt a change of plans was needed. I had already been thinking about pan frying both the (parboiled) potatoes and the kohlrabi, and now this seemed more tempting, if I just added an egg to the dish.

And thus I ended up with a dinner that would, in fact, be a perfect brunch dish: Continue reading

Two Pan Brunch

Omelet with young spinach and smoked Gouda with sage potato “fries”

Due to weather-imposed changes to my usual farmer’s market plans, I found myself with a bigger box of produce than usual, including a bag of young, tender spinach leaves from their greenhouse. Having used up half the bag in a dinner of spinach quesadillas (delicious), I did not want the rest of the tender green to go to waste, so Sunday brunch presented itself. Since the farmer had cautioned against cooking these leaves much, or at all, an omelet seemed the way to go. Continue reading

Spanish Tortilla (sort of)

A dish like this is why I love having a mandoline/slicer: it makes quick work of potatoes, delivering lovely thin slices that cut down (ha, sorry) on the time required for something delicious like Spanish tortillas. In this case I started with Austrian fingerling potatoes, reducing two mutant fingerlings the size of small hands (well, nearly) into a pile of golden discs resembling poker chips. Yummy, starchy poker chips. Continue reading