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Echo of Spring: Gold-Green Breakfast Frittata

Something quick to brighten most any morning, including gray Spring weekends: Frittata!

What you’ll need (for one hungry person, or two if you have lots of bread and fruit and other lovely sides): Continue reading

Pasta, Shell Peas, Mint and Scallions

It’s about time for all the fresh green produce to come into its own and take center stage. If your CSA or farmer’s market has landed you with some shell peas, you may now be appreciating the convenience of frozen peas. Shell peas, unlike sugar snap or snow peas, have to be shelled. For this recipe, shell the peas while watching John Carpenter’s The Thing (for example).

And yes, you can use frozen peas for this. No shelling. Continue reading

Couscous with Zucchini, Basil and Peas

You can enhance a simple dish like couscous and vegetables by deepening the flavors of the main ingredients. For example, cook your couscous in chicken broth instead of water, or at least in water plus a bouillon cube. And if you are making something involving sautéed zucchini, you should also be reaching for the anchovy jar. Like so: Continue reading

Sunday Brunch Spiced Up

The kohlrabi was black inside. It was shocking; to slice off the stubby end of the solid little rotund root, expecting sweet whitish flesh, only to see an eclipse of black. For those of you saying, hold up – what’s a kohlrabi? Follow the link and be enlightened. Meanwhile, this bad specimen of the usually crisp and sweet vegetable meant an enforced change to my vague meal plans.

The idea was to slice both some potatoes (basic red ones) and two representative kohlrabi, and prepare them in the traditional way of my childhood (thanks, Oma): boiled potatoes tossed in butter and parsley and kohlrabi simmered in water or chicken broth, finished off with a bit of milk or cream. But now I was one kohlrabi short, and felt a change of plans was needed. I had already been thinking about pan frying both the (parboiled) potatoes and the kohlrabi, and now this seemed more tempting, if I just added an egg to the dish.

And thus I ended up with a dinner that would, in fact, be a perfect brunch dish: Continue reading